Berlin, the capital city of Germany

With a workforce population of approximately 41 million people, Germany provides the largest labor pool in the EU, making it the biggest economic driver.

The country attributes these successes to its emphasis on open-market capitalism and the guarantee of social services.

Companies have constantly gravitated towards this economic powerhouse because of its skilled labor, highly developed infrastructure, highly-developed corporate and services sector, technological expertise, and innovations that continue to grow.

How to Hire in Germany

Companies that employ workers in Germany are legally required to provide employees with formal employment contracts that include details on the job description, probation, duration of employment, compensation, and termination…

Best Employer of Record (EOR) Partners in India
New Delhi, The capital city of India

With a growing population of approximately 1.4 billion, India presents itself as a desirable business destination for companies and incorporations looking for a strong consumer market, reliable global employees, and high value throughout the supply chain. Investors are attracted to India because of technology, manufacturing, financial services, and engineering services.

While this is enticing, establishing a business in India is quite complex, especially if you don’t have local expertise. To bypass these challenges, many companies partner up with third-party business partners who can help them carry out legal and regulatory tasks.

This is why companies considering expanding in India partner…

Mexico City

Mexico is characterized by a favorable business environment. This makes expanding organizations and companies into the country highly desirable. The country provides promising investment and business opportunities to foreign companies wishing to extend their reach and hire talent.

Most companies have ventured into the Mexican market for investment and business expansion because of their favorable trade policies, weak currency, and affordable labor costs compared to world business leaders. The country also boasts of a strategic geographical location for business, given that it is connected to North and South America, where consumer economies are friendly to growing businesses.

Mexican Workforce

To add to…

Human Resource Planning and virtual hiring

With the increasing rate and number of companies transitioning to remote working, remote work inevitably is the new normal. While we settle into the new workplace culture, we need to acknowledge that remote work has several advantages.

Remote work enhances workplace diversity, saves the company the costs of setting up foreign subsidiaries, and gives the business easy access to top talents globally.

Companies that are Operating and Hiring Remotely in 2021

Hybrid Remote Work gives employees the ultimate location flexibility and independence, therefore, increasing their productivity. Given today’s economic conditions, employers must offer their employees the freedom to work from anywhere is more of a necessity.

The following companies…


Although small, Switzerland has one of the most advanced and competitive economies in the world. The alpine country is located at the junction of southern, central, and Western Europe. While it is not part of the European Union, its intertwined relations and access to the EU single market are worth noting.

Thanks to a stable political environment that boasts of a transparent legal system, the country has a strong and stable economy and currency. This makes it even more attractive to foreign investors. …

Auckland cityscape

New Zealand Employer of Record|Hire and Manage Employees in New Zealand Seamlessly

New Zealand boasts of a strong and stable GDP with sources and revenue that are evenly spread across the island of approximately 5 million people. The country is strategically positioned between the two countries, Canada and Australia, which comprise many middle-class citizens. It presents New Zealand with strong demand for goods and services.

New Zealand is becoming increasingly popular amongst entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses global. …

Japan has the world’s 3rd largest economy by nominal GDP and the 4th largest economy by purchasing power parity. This places Japan among the top-ranking players in international business.

Traditionally, the country is known for its highly sophisticated technology, automotive, and financial industries. But, recently, software, agriculture, and pharmaceutical industries are increasingly catching up.

Japan can attribute its prolific business environment to its large population of approximately 127 million people. The educational system and vocational training have resulted in producing one of the best-educated populations in the world. …

Cityscape of Kuala Lumpur

According to World Bank projections, Malaysia is expected to achieve high-income status by 2025, having established itself as an economic and tourism destination across the globe over the years. The strategic positioning of Malaysia’s tourism industry, affordable economy, and close proximity to the headquarters of the Asian hub of tourism has pushed the region to be at the center of globalization. The country is one of the largest in the world although with concentrated biodiversity which contributes to the increased tourism activities and high GDP.

Why Invest in the Malaysian Marketplace

The size of Malaysia’s labor force had been increasing in the last ten years. This…

Cityscape of Wroclaw under a cloudy sky in Poland

Poland’s economy has grown spontaneously, making it an excellent place to expand your business. With different industries, an increasingly well-educated workforce that provides reliable labor for increased productivity and profits, Poland is a business destination for companies exploring opportunities.

However, expanding into this desirable business destination requires you to navigate the strict and complicated business sphere and employment laws. These include paying taxes, human resource regulations, language barriers, contracts, work permits, and credit acquisition, among other hurdles.

While these challenges can be dealt with independently, they may consume a lot of time and funds, leading to business delays, therefore stalling…


While finding the perfect market to expand your business sounds like a challenging idea, France presents an attractive market for investors targeting global expansion. As a high-income country, its annual gross domestic product of approximately $2.583 trillion has earned its 7th place in the list of countries with the best economy in the world.

France has a highly developed, free-market economy complemented by a very high Human Development Index. However, it is advisable to look beyond the stats and focus on the practical aspects of business like market insights, competition analysis, and an effective business plan.

Penetrating the French Marketplace

Technical and vocational education…

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